Unexpected Acts of Kindness

Sincere acts of kindness are endangered. In our hyper-connected world we move too fast to slow down and take the time to consider those around us.

That’s not to say it doesn’t happen. And it’s amazing what a little note of admiration, appreciation, encouragement, friendship, luck, or love can do for you. And by note I do not mean the GIPHY you just texted your partner.

No, I mean the unexpected delivery of a hand written note. It immediately lifts the spirits and reminds us of the friendships and bonds we have – and why we should hold them so dear.

Over the years I’ve received notes short and long. From friends, loved ones, colleagues, and students. And while they are all special in their own way, it’s the fact that someone took the time to remember me that stands out.

So as part of my New Year’s resolution I’m going to do my best to return the favor to those special people in my life. I encourage you to do the same.

Thank you Tara Vandygriff, Phil Batzner, Mary DeLaat, and every student that has taken the time to send me a note or incredibly fun Milwaukee Brewers swag.


I encourage you to write more and join Januwordy, a daily writing challenge that kicks-off in January 2019. Today’s writing prompt is/was unexpected.

unexpected / un·ex·pect·ed/ uhn-ik-spek-tid / adjective
not expected; unforeseen; surprising

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