An antiquated page to describe who I am? Perhaps it’s for the millions of social media followers that can’t wait to learn more about me. Or maybe it’s just for Google, my Mom, students, a few co-workers, and the inevitable recruiter that is compelled to scan my digital footprint.

Whatever the reason, you’re here now. Let’s see how long I can hold your attention.

So who am I? Husband. Uncle. Fan of the Brewers, Bucks, and Packers. Fuji and Canon Photographer. Collector. Strategist. Educator. Speaker.

Green Bay Packers Minority Owner

The Green Bay Packers have been a publicly owned, nonprofit corporation since 1923. After investing as a minority owner in 2011 I’ve spent most of my time evaluating the talent on the field from late summer through the winter months, occasionally sharing my football IQ during the NFL Combine and Draft.

My undying, vocal support has led the team to a combined 80-49-2 record during the tenure of ownership, five NFC North championships, and six playoff appearances. Under the leadership of Matt LaFleur and two-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers the team and I look forward to hoisting the Lombardi trophy again very soon.

202113-41st – NFC North
202013-31st – NFC North
201913-31st – NFC North
20186-9-13rd – NFC North
20177-93rd – NFC North
201610-61st – NFC North
201510-62nd – NFC North
201412-41st – NFC North
20138-7-11st – NFC North
201211-51st – NFC North
20113-11st – NFC North


Have you ever missed an award-worthy photograph? The regret stays with you and it has encouraged me to always carry my camera with me.

Besides giving me a creative outlet, photography inspires my travels as well as my own work. I prefer to capture real, authentic moments as I encounter them in nature or around town.

For years you’d find me behind the lens of my Canon 5D Mark III, however I’ve made the transition to a Fuji X-H1 in 2018 preferring the decrease weight and space saving design of a mirrorless camera.

That award-worthy photograph I mentioned earlier? After a night of storms I woke before sunrise to go fishing with my father. The lake was extremely calm, a heavy fog sitting just above the water. As we walked out to the dock there was a hand-carved wooden canoe, full of water, just inches above the waterline. It was an amazing shot that I’ll never come across again.

Thought Leadership

You know what gives me all the feels? Sharing my passion with others. In 2012 I was invited to educate the next generation of marketers through my course on Emerging and Social Media at Marquette University.

Since then I’ve partnered with friend and colleague Abi Gilman to build a dynamic course that brings real-world clients into the classroom. Each semester we invite students to collaborate directly with brands to develop strategic social media campaigns, giving them relevant experience that immediately impacts their post-college career.

We are so thankful to have featured brands like Kohl’s, Harley-Davidson, Zappos, and so many more.

Additionally, I came together with other industry leaders in 2005 to found the Milwaukee Interactive Marketing Association, now 414Digital.

As President-emeritus I continue to promote local growth and understanding of digital marketing as part of our Advisory Board and through individual mentorship opportunities.