I’m Dennis, a multidisciplinary strategist with signature strengths in content, digital, experiential, social, sponsorship, and talent.

Art. Science. Mischief.

For more than two decades I’ve embraced the tension between creativity and technology to drive innovation, action, and growth for marketing agencies in Milwaukee, Chicago, and New York.

Be bold. Challenge what’s possible. Invite others to join you. Be the change you’re looking for. It’s worked so far, resulting in award-winning strategies for global clients.


A collection of infrequent thoughts, musings, and life experience. I really should be better about sharing. It’s been a New Year’s Resolution for three straight years. I’m working on it.

Take This Lollipop 2

Who Wants to Play Lollipop?

Jason Zada and Bill Oberst Jr. return nine years later to disrupt Halloween and our daily video calls with Take …


The magic of jamming a week of work into three days so you can save money flying on a Thursday. Cruising at 30,000 feet, stuck in the back row, and enjoying the decadent fragrance from the nearby bathroom. All of that is easily forgotten when you are dodging 267,423 people taking a selfie instead of enjoying the moment. I do it for the ‘gram!

crave / lust / love

Admiring the curves of cars and the open road, the patina of something well worn, and the words and wisdom of generations past. Curating the best in gear, style, taste, and technology.

Hit Factory Co.

The joy of ripping some wax, reminiscing about our love of baseball, and collecting the players we love. The hobby has changed over the years and we’ll bring you some practical advice, talk about collecting vs. investment, and break both new and old product.