Hi, I’m Dennis, a multidisciplinary strategist with signature strengths in content, digital, experiential, social, sponsorship, and talent.

Milwaukee, Chicago, New York City


For more than two decades, I’ve embraced the tension between creativity and technology to drive innovation, action, and growth for marketing agencies and brands.

Be curious, and challenge what’s possible. Be bold, but never reckless. Seek understanding, as well as the unexpected. Invite others to join you, and have a little fun along the way.


A collection of infrequent thoughts, musings, and life experiences. My ambition outweighs my output.


The magic of jamming a week of work into three days so you can save money flying on a Thursday. Cruising at 30,000 feet, stuck in the back row, and enjoying the decadent fragrance from the nearby bathroom. That is easily forgotten while dodging 267,423 people taking a selfie instead of enjoying the moment. I do it for the ‘gram!

Art Gallery

Many people question the viability of NFTs as art. That may be a mistake as an NFT is much more than art. It’s about community, access, and ownership. They may still transform the art world, or they may fade into oblivion. But if we continue to value GIFs and loot crates, I don’t see why we can’t value the promise of art on the blockchain.