Terrifying Take This Lollipop, No Creepy Privacy Concerns

Have you been too afraid to click on TakeThisLollipop.com and give the site access to your Facebook profile and private information? This site has seen its “Likes” on Facebook grow from a very small 13,000 yesterday morning to over 182,000 as of this afternoon.

As you enter the site, you see the message “Take This Lollipop, I Dare You.” But not everyone has felt comfortable sharing their profile.

After all of the attention that the terrifying Halloween inspired site received yesterday one of the overwhelming responses was that people were too afraid to see themselves as part of the video.

If you are one of those folks that decided against sharing your Facebook profile with Take This Lollipop you are in luck. The YouTube video below is a screen capture of the entire experience from my own personal account. The only thing you miss out on the creepy Take This Lollipop countdown at the end of the experience.

No privacy concerns. No worries that a real creepy stalker may find your location. No concerns that someone’s grimy fingers are tracing the outline of your face from a Facebook photo.


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