What Happens After the Take This Lollipop Countdown?

What happens after the countdown clock on Take This Lollipop reaches zero? Nothing apparently.

To update my previous posting, I expected that the site may post a link to your Facebook profile, generate a similar video with the friend it mentioned, or perhaps reveal more about the campaign. Unfortunately after waiting until the clock reached zero on multiple instances I did not see anything happen.

It is a bit disappointing after the initial promise (and shock) of the site. Perhaps the level of traffic the experience is generating has had an effect on site speed and the post countdown experience. Or maybe, the countdown clock was just there for effect.

If you had a different experience please share below, or find me on Twitter (@djenders).

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  1. Maybe they didn’t expect people to wait around for an hour for something to happen? Either way some frills and chills after the countdown would of been nice.

    • I think part of it was that they put this idea together so quickly that no one expected this sort of response.

      What would you guys have done at the end of the timer?

  2. I was half expecting the site to send you a text message(most of us do have our cell phone numbers on our facebook) I think that would have been kind of cool….

  3. I was expecting a doorbell or at least some other creepy video!
    mmm I think the countdown is just the time it takes while the application collects all information from the user’s profile! it does really freaks out!

  4. The lollipop was originally Facebook-branded, but they probably changed it to a razor due to copyright issues.

    When it was Facebook-branded, it stayed Facebook-branded.

    Now that it’s razor-branded, it still stays razor-branded. The branding doesn’t change at the end of the countdown.

  5. what i think would of been cool ( although harder to pull off) would be something like the view of your house from the outside ( using google maps street view) and it would be really awesome if it zoomed up to your door and then went blank. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Seeing as im already being unrealistic, how insanely scary would it be if they timed that perfectly with a phone call and a fake knocking ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  6. it’d be awesome if (like everyone said) there was a knocking sound…i’d visit my friend an hour after they watched the vid and knock on the door and leave a red lollipop on their doorstep XD then i’d go around to their window and tap on that lol!!
    OR if i were there, i’d leave a little before the end and go outside and tap on their window hahaha

    15 years experience with pranking brothers and sisters. (We do it in love.)

  7. Not to be rude but if you’re a professor at a University Dennis shouldn’t you learn the correct use of there, their and they’re?

  8. My friend on Facebook posted it on their wall and their friend wrote “VERY FREAKY!” then she wrote “has he knocked on your door yet?” maybe it works for a few people.

  9. what’s kind of disappointing, is since i’ve never checked in anywhere on my facebook, the real GONNA GET YA scene of the google map showing where you are was just a blank grey map. boo-urns

  10. okay no joke no lie i was on skype with my friend and after watching the video i got phone calls from a blocked number it wasnt my friend bc i saw her the whole time and this person said alot of information about me and i brought a knife downstairs since i was scared aand the dude left me a voicemail and said that knife will not help you it will on make matters worst i still have it in my voicemail wat should i do my parents do not belive me plz somebody help

    • he kept ringing my friend saying were he was, was creepy he was saying locations in slang (how we would say them) on were he was, when my friend wouldn’t awnser he would leave voicemails, it was one scary experience im never doing it! exactly what happened to us me and my mate went outside with golf clubs waiting for him at 6 in the morning haha!

  11. Okay, so the timer was like one day last time I went to the site. Now that I’ve come back, where the timer was there’s a message saying: “It’s all begun,” and the lollipop is gone. ._. I can’t go to the video!

  12. One thing that I was shocked about was they went far enough to take our information from facebook. What about the people who post their phone number. What if they went as far as to have the creeper call you and breath heavily… say something like “I’m coming for you” Haha now that would have taken this to another level.
    As far as the countdown: It was probably a countdown till the site stops. ( I hope thats not the case)

  13. They updated it so when it gets to the lollipop it tells you who it will be going after next who happens to be on your friendlist, who happened to be in the same town as myself.

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