What’s wrong with Social Media automation? In a word, everything.

I ran across this post from Danny Brown about Social Media automation. In short, I think it is a dangerous process. There isn’t a system in the world, with the possible exception of IBM’s Watson, smart enough to automate responses in social media channels.

If the goal of automation is to aggregate social media news and push it out to your followers then maybe that works. But if you are just broadcasting a feed that you never curate, how valuable is it to mention links that have already been shared by much larger and trusted sources?

Is there value there? Perhaps. But isn’t the goal of social media channels to foster conversation and avoid the broadcast mentality that has dominated the last 50+ years?

Furthermore, what does it say about your followers if they just want links? Then you are just becoming a news source, and one that is only as good as the algorithm you’ve setup. One bad day, or week, could lead to a loss of followers who have no other reason to come back.

Instead of automation I would suggest curation to really build thought leadership, conversation and a community worth having.