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I’m looking for a vector version of the iconic Marquette Warriors logo. Can you help me in my quest to secure one?

Just before my freshman year at Marquette University the school decided to change it’s mascot and logo from the Marquette Warriors to the Golden Eagles. I wasn’t devastated, but I was disappointed. The university, particularly then-president Father DiUlio, thought Marquette should be politically correct and proactively make a change.

Students and Alumni felt very strongly that the Warriors name should stay, but to completely break ties with the Indian mascot Father DiUlio branded us the Golden Eagles.

I never felt that the logo was derogatory. In fact, I felt that there was a strong tradition and respect for the Native American Warriors it represented.

If the school, alumni, and staff felt strongly enough about rebranding the school’s mascot they could have still kept the Warriors name – instead they chose to completely abandon it. The Warriors nickname could have been portrayed a variety of ways and even without a mascot.

In 2004 then-president Father Wild entertained the idea of renaming yet again. A survery was released and 10 years later the results proved that the school and community still had not forgotten the Warriors and did not feel strongly or exhibit the same pride for the Golden Eagles.

Instead the Board of Directors passed a resolution that “Marquette will prohibit the use of Native American references, symbolism or imagery in its athletics logo, nickname, or mascot”. The debate and possible return of the Warriors was over.

But would Marquette remain the Golden Eagles, or something entirely new? Board member Ann Zizzo, of the Zizzo Group,  and her team landed on the “Gold”. The Marquette Gold. Really? But then again, the Zizzo Group also suggested we name the 27th Street Corridor “Boomgard”.

At the end of that controversy we stayed the Golden Eagles, but I still miss the days of nearly being a Warrior. And with that in mind I’ve been desperately seeking a vector or EPS version of the old Marquette Warriors logo. If you happen to have one, the means to find one, or know someone that might have it on file would you please leave a comment or contact me directly?

I would appreciate it and happily share the logo with anyone else.

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  1. I have a few at home, but they’re not much better than the one you have. I’ll send it to you and let you decide for yourself.

    For the record, you’re right. Who, in their right mind, could possibly consider being called a “Warrior” derogatory in any way, shape or form? The name change remains as outrageous today as it was all those years ago.

    • Rich –

      Thanks for reading. I definitely still shake my head. All these years later I continue to hope that they would change their minds. I don’t think that will ever happen. If you have a vectorized logo I would really appreciate it!

      Go Warriors!

  2. What is a vector or EPS version? I have two different logos – one a JPEG and one a GIF – but don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for.

    • Geoff –

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve been looking for something other than a GIF or JPG so I can scale it properly. The files usually end in a .AI or .EPS. Thanks much for reading and the comment!


    • Robert –

      No such luck. Really wish I could get my hands on a vector version. I have some vacation coming up, maybe I’ll have to recreate the logo myself.

      Please let me know if you come across one, and I’ll do the same.

      Happy Thanksgiving,

  3. Dennis,

    I’m very late to this party and don’t know if you’ll see this post, but I’m also very interested in locating a vectorized (or higher res .jpg) image of the gold “warrior_circle” logo shown on the wiki logo archive page, I’d like to put the logo on two t-shirts, for my wife and myslef. Any luck tracking down a better quality image?


    • Tim – No luck. Which sucks. I thought about contacting the “illegal” t-shirt shops that sell the old Warrior t-shirts in hopes that they have a version that could be used. Years later, and I am still no closer in making this happen. I will post an update if I do though.

      And please let me know if you do come across a version. I would be more than happy to share a link here.

  4. Father DiUlio’s had an important mission at MU. To close Wisconsin Avenue to give the campus more greenspace. It was only when he failed at this endeavor which was toward the end of his tenure at Marquette that he came up with his “concern” for political correctness. He was able to leave the University with his apparent need for making his mark in history. Attempts to interview him on this matter are politely declined

  5. Class of ’92. Been trolling the web for old Warriors t-shirts. Nothing. Can we make this happen? Lots of folks are gonna want these t-shirts when we advance to the Final Four this weekend!

  6. Hey, I know this feed is super old, but I was wondering if you could help me with a question I have? I was wondering if you know if the Warriors logo is still under copyright by the university or if it is legal to use if I was to make a shirt for me and my friends. If it is, do you have any idea who to contact in order to receive permission to use the image?

    Sorry I don’t have a vector image for you.

  7. Hey Dennis, I’m sorry to say I do not have a vector image for you, but I was wondering if you know if the warrior’s logo is still under Marquette copyright? or if it is ok to make a couple shirts for me and my friends?

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