The UpSkill Project


Address the home improvement skills gap by empowering a new generation of project-doers with the knowledge and skills to improve their homes and communities.


Create a localized, social first peer-to-peer education platform that inspires people to participate in workshops, build their confidence, and share their stories.


Learning about the UpSkill Project through influencer-led content and engagement, Lowe’s saw over 1,900 projects submitted and nearly 4,000 workshop attendees.

Awards & Press

2018 Ex Awards – Best Millennial Campaign

Although Millennial-aged homeowners are increasing spending on home improvement, a significant number of them lack the skills to complete DIY projects on their own. To empower these younger consumers with the skills and confidence to transform their homes, Lowe’s partnered with GMR to create The UpSkill Project.

“Lowe’s is committed to putting our purpose of helping people love where they live into practice.”

– Ruth Crowley, VP of Customer Experience Design at Lowe’s

The two pronged program consists of local contests that awards winners with $2,000 toward a project and side-by-side DIY skills instruction in their own home to complete their project as well as in-store workshops that teach homeowners common DIY skills such as painting, tiling, plumbing and landscaping.

In order to increase overall awareness of the program and drive attendance at the workshops, GMR developed a content program that leveraged local influencers to connect and engage consumers and their communities. 

GMR researched influencers based a number of criteria including their DIY expertise, content quality, ability to connect and engage their audience, and overall reach as well as local following.  We identified and engaged influencers to create their own content on their blog and across their own social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

“I never thought I would be able to complete my big DIY ideas without a crew. Being able to complete the project all by myself with my roommate inspired me to take that leap and go get the materials for my next project.”

– Aaron Jura, a New Orleans-based UpSkiller, after he completed a landscaping project.

Influencers promote the contest, encouraging their followers to enter. Each influencer then documents the story behind the transformation of one contest winner’s space, demonstrating how Lowe’s empowered the homeowner by teaching them the needed DIY skills to complete their project, and celebrating their success.

After the projects are completed, influencers invite their followers to join them at the free local workshops. Tips and techniques along with new project inspiration, based on sills learned at the workshops, are shared across their social networks.

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