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Experienced Digital Strategist

Think, plan, execute. As a planner I live at the intersection of research, strategy and technology. It is here where I can inspire new ways to connect and collaborate with consumers.

Professional Marketing Experience

I have more than 15 years of digital marketing experience, developing strategies that drive business growth and strengthen consumer relationships with brands.

In 2009 I established the social media practice at Laughlin Constable, growing a team of experts in social media strategy, monitoring, content development and engagement.

Mobile is more than a device, our smartphones have become the hub of our digital lives. A brand's mobile presence is expected and integral in a multi-screen world.

Now, more than ever, It is important to create and curate content that is useful and relevant to the consumer – brands are now publishers and have become media channels.

Designing an experience means understanding the needs and behaviors of your consumer so you can deliver an efficient, simple, elegant, and engaging website.

Success can be measured. From uncovering insights in Google Analytics or tracking attribution across marketing channels, what is have you learned about your consumer?

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