Trek Hybrid 7500 Bike

I’ve been looking at purchasing a new bicycle. One that I could ride to work, and for exercise purposes. When the 2010 Wheel and Sprocket Bike Expo came around I found my perfect bike. It is a Trek Bike, a Hybrid 7500. While it is classified as a bicycle for a bike path, it is just as much a worthy road bike. I think of it as the perfect fit for a commuter, and it almost makes me wish I lived downtown so I could use it more often.

It was incredibly difficult waiting for delivery on the Trek Hybrid 7500 Bike, but they didn’t have a 22.5″ model on the floor at the Wheel and Sprocket Bike Expo. Upon picking the bike up I realized I needed some specific accessories.

Bike Accessories

225+ candlepower cycling specific beam pattern focuses light where it’s needed most.

Trek Ion 6 Headlight: $39.99

You can not ride your Trek Bike at night without some lighting. One of the first purchases was a Trek Ion 6 Headlight.

The Ion 6 has six white LED bulbs, rated at 225 candlepowers, is waterproof and has more than 70 hours of run time – powered by three “AA” batteries.

The Trek Ion 6 comes with a universal mounting bracket and installed quickly on my Trek 7500. Once I installed the bracket I was quite pleased to see it rotates a complete 360° so you can aim the beam anywhere.

It has both a standard and strobe setting. While it is quite bright, I do think I could find a higher powered option for dark rural roads. Something I may look at in the coming year of riding.

Ultra compact vertical design is weatherproof, lightweight and durable

Planet Bike SuperFlash Tail Light: $29.99

If you are looking for a great tail light, look no further. The Planet Bike SuperFlash Tail Light is a great product.

The 1/2 watt LED and two red LEDs provide visibility up to one mile and have over 100 hours of run time off two “AAA” batteries.

The tail light is waterproof and the “SuperFlash” mode is highly visible, even in daylight. At night, it is one of the most visible flashers I have ever seen.

If you need some blink, blink, blink then check out the Planet Bike products.

The Banjo Brothers Medium Seat Bag is Perfect for on-the-go Storage

Banjo Brothers Medium Seat Bag: $12.99

While looking at a variety of storage options, I ended up with a Banjo Brothers Medium Seat Bag from Crank Daddy’s.

The bag itself is constructed from heavy duty nylon with reflective accents.

While there are many storage options exist, I was impressed with what this bag can do. Depending on if the bag is expanded or not, you get 65 – 81 cubic inches (6.75L x 4W x 3H unexpanded) of space.

According to Banjo Brothers, the bag holds a full complement of mountain bike tubes, tools, or wallet and snacks, etc. I would have to agree!

Bike Security

Never worry about losing your key again with Trek's Dreadlock Resettable Combination Cable lock.

Trek Dreadlocks Resettable Combination Cable: $22.99

You just invested in a new Trek Bike, so you will want to keep your ride safe. I went for portability in choosing the Trek Dreadlocks Cable Lock.

I was looking for an option that I could wrap around the bike frame or under my seat. And with this lock it has a durable vinyl cover helps protect your bike’s finish from scratches.

As I am forgetful, this lightweight, easy to use, self-coiling lock has a resettable four digit combination code that you choose.

I thought about a U-Lock, which I still may purchase, but when I am already carrying a lot of weight I was looking for safety with a slightly less heavy and bulky option.

Bike Riding Gear

Gel technology reduces hand numbness by relieving pressure on the sensitive ulnar nerves.

Body Geometry Gel Gloves: $34.99

The Body Geometry Gel Gloves are incredibly comfortable. I purchased them, along with much of my gear, at Crank Daddy’s. Located on Farwell in Milwaukee, Crank Daddy’s was incredibly helpful – much more so than Wheel and Sprocket.

According to Body Geometry, the BG Gel technology reduces hand numbness by relieving pressure on the sensitive ulnar nerves. As I was dealing with a lot of uneven roads causing vibration in my hands, they were one of the top accessories on my list.

The gloves have foam padding across all palm pressure zones provides maximum hand comfort and are pretty light weight.

The incredibly comfortable Louis Garneau Fit Sensor 3D Shorts.

Louis Garneau Fit Sensor 3D Shorts: $79.99

I was in need of a comfortable pair of shorts or a different bicycle seat. So after visiting the trustworthy staff at Crank Daddy’s I decided on the Louis Garneau Fit Sensor Shorts. They are incredible comfortable, although you do feel like you are wearing a diaper.

As soon as you slip into a pair you’ll discover the body-wrapping, 10-paneled ergonomic fit. You’ll also notice how Fit Sensor fabric uses flatlock seams for that ‘second-skin’ feel, while the Powerband grippers keep the shorts in place—without the typical sticky leg-grippers. Finished off with Garneau’s Perfo 3D chamois, the Fit Sensor 3D Shorts are so comfy your wife might make fun of you for wearing them around three hours before your ride.

The shorts themselves perform so well and have saved my behind from being too sore during longer rides. As I don’t have much “natural padding” back there, these shorts help in that respect.

Bicycling Data Capture

The Trek Incite 6i Bicycle Computer

Trek Incite 6i: $24.99

The Trek Incite 6i is a pretty simple computer. There isn’t anything to fancy here, just the essential data so you’ll know how fast, how far and how long, all in an easy to operate, large-read display.

I received the Incite 6i for free as an added value for purchasing the Trek 7500 Hybrid Bike. While it could have a few added functions, it does the job. And for free, I certainly can not complain.

The computer will tell you your current speed, has an odometer, trip distance, elapsed time, 12/24 clock and your maximum speed.

The install went pretty smoothly, but it did take some time to run the wires down the frame of the bicycle.

Bike Tools

The Park Tool USA Fold Up AWS-9 Hex Wrench Set

Park Tool USA Fold Up Hex Wrench Set: $10.99

Looking for a light weight, yet capable, tool set to carry with you?

The Park Tool USA Fold Up Hex Wrench Set combines all the popular hex wrench sizes into one convenient fold-up tool, eliminating the need for a mess of loose tools. Its multi-position composite handle is comfortable, lightweight, slip-resistant, and 40% stronger than steel handles.

The Park Tool USA Fold Up Hex Wrench includes a 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm hex wrenches with Phillips and straight blade screwdrivers.

Three-Pack of Kool Stop Bicycle Tire Levers

Kool Stop Bicycle Tire Levers: $3.99

If you plan on changing the inner tube on your bicycle, then you must purchase a set of these tire levers.

The three piece set comes in a compact carrying case. While some people have complained online about these snapping easily, I received a great review from the staff at Crank Daddy’s and I haven’t had a problem with them.

I think at this price, I’d prefer the plastic tire levers instead of something more substantial. If they were made of a metal or alloy I could see them causing issues with the rim or potentially bending them.