Capture Wisconsin

About the Book

“Capture Wisconsin is a unique approach to fine-art book publishing. An online community of local photographers submitted photos to be considered for publication in this book. Then, area residents voted to determine which photos would be published. Top-rated photos, as well as editors’ picks, are selected for publication. It’s the best of Wisconsin, through the eyes of those who know it best: Wisconsin photographers.”

Nearly 60,000 photographs were submitted for inclusion in the book and 1,659,042 votes were cast. I am very happy and proud to see two of my photographs were included. My photo “Intersecting”, which captures the Milwaukee Public Market, opens the section on “Landmarks and Architecture” which can be found on pages 32 and 33. Also, on page 6, one of my favorite photos is included in the “People” section of the book. Titled “Happy Birthday”, this photo is one of my first attempts at street photography and happens to be one of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken.

Capture Wisconsin is presented by Wisconsin Trails. It is a pleasure to be considered for such a project and to say I’ve been published. To see more images from Capture Wisconsin as well as more of my photography check out the gallery.

Publisher: Pediment Publishing
ISBN: 978-1597253048
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