In celebration of Facebook’s 10th anniversary they have introduced a fun feature called “Look Back” that creates a short vignette highlighting some of your most-liked status updates, photos and other life events.

Although the video is automatically generated, you now have the option to edit your Facebook “Look Back” video as well.

Unfortunately Facebook hasn’t exposed the ability to save your “Look Back” video beyond sharing it to your timeline.

Here are the instructions to download your Facebook “Look Back” video and save it permanently:

  • Open a link to on Google Chrome
  • Open the JavaScript Console
    • Menu: View -> Developer -> JavaScript Console
    • or press Control + Shift + J
  • Copy the complete code at
  • Paste the code into the JavaScript Console and press Enter
    • At that point the console should generate a link to your “Look Back” video as an MP4 file
  • You should be able to right-click the link and select “Save Link As” or simply click on the link and save the MP4 file

Congratulations, you should now have a permanent version of your Facebook “Look Back” video for safe keeping.