Each year we watch the Super Bowl and judge brands based on their advertisements. This year brands will spend an average of $4 million dollars for 30 seconds.

In watching Super Bowl XLVIII, there were some brands that tried very hard to make an emotional connection with the viewer. Unfortunately these feel good Super Bowl commercials just didn’t feel that good.


Maserati’s commercial featured Oscar-nominated actress Quvenzhané Wallis and was beautiful in every way. Epic even. That was until the commercial shifted to showing the product. You had me, I was intrigued, and then I found out the ad was for a Maserati. Not that I dislike your vehicles, I just thought it was such an abrupt shift from the beautiful scenery to your car. You were so close.


Much like Maserati, I was immediately interested in this commercial. Telling the story through the high school dance was great. The commercial started so well and I was immediately let down from a very touching moment when you tried to sell me a copy of TurboTax. That said, I’ve been trying to submit my taxes all day using your application and keep getting errors.

So while Maserati and TurboTax may have failed at completely connecting on an emotional level, these next few ads did a little better in their execution.


Chevy gets a bit closer with their spot. Their Super Bowl spot is a celebration of cancer survivors and asks you to turn your Facebook or Twitter profile pictures purple at http://chevy.com/purpleroads to join Chevy and the American Cancer Society in support of World Cancer Day.


Microsoft did very well in demonstrating what their technology and software can do, enabling people to do more. To be more. It felt good, it looked good, almost like it wasn’t a commercial for Microsoft.


Cheerios opted to bring back Gracie and her interracial family for their spot. I really like that they have continued to run the spot even though their was such an uproar. I also like that they tell the story of the addition to their family through the product. Very nice spot.


Even though Pepsi is one of the title sponsors of Super Bowl XLVII, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to see Coca-Cola in the big game. Their commercial captures, and celebrates, the diversity of our country through “America the Beautiful.”

I can see a few people being turned off by the ad, but I really enjoyed it.


Jeep quietly surprised me with their commercial. The vehicle quickly became the vessel for you to act on your restlessness, to get out there and explore, and to keep following your passion. They connected on an emotional level and Jeep became the way to enable your dreams.


We’ve come to expect greatness from Chrysler and they delivered again in 2014 with their spot, featuring Bob Dylan. Made with American pride, it is the one thing you can’t import from anywhere else. A very strong showing, yet again.

Coca-Cola “Going All the Way”

This may have been my favorite commercial of Super Bowl XLVIII. The spot features a youth football team and a youngster who has the ball bounce his way and he takes it to the house. As in Lambeau Field. Pretty cute commercial.


Budweiser’s Super Bowl XLVIII commercial followed a special friendship between the Clydesdales and a puppy. They were best buddies!

What Was Your Favorite Commercial?

Did you watch the big game? What was your favorite Super Bowl XLVIII commercial? After a slow start with Maserati and TurboTax the emotional connection sure did improve. Share your thoughts on the ads above, or any others, below.