Over the last few months I have pondered my existence, my digital existence to be exact. In a world of 600 million website and nearly 200 million blogs is there any good reason for me to contribute to the noise and clutter?

My investigation uncovered this simple truth, I can inspire and educate others through my personal and professional experience.

The next generation of digital marketers that I teach at Marquette University. The great brands and co-workers at Laughlin Constable. Digital marketers looking for thought leadership through the Milwaukee Interactive Marketing Association. The local community that I love, working to build a better and stronger Milwaukee.

And even more important, all of you inspire me.

Behind the scenes I have been working on improving my writing as well as the content, design and structure of my website. In doing so I spent considerable time analyzing the content I have published and realize that I need more consistency.

So gone are many of the posts I didn’t spend enough time on, were only focused on tactics or didn’t weave a bigger story. I am going to practice what I preach and focus my effort on developing content that is relevant to my readers – and exceptional.

So if you made it this far, thank you for reading. More importantly, thank you for coming back. I look forward to our conversation.

When it comes to meaningful content, what are you looking for?

Thank you,