Richard Neill has been duped. After years of watching Bodyform commercials he was lead to believe that a woman’s period is a wonderful and liberating experience. These women are happy, seen frolicking, and full of joy. In his attempt to call out the feminine hygiene company on their Facebook Wall, the brand didn’t delete the post, nor did they ignore it.

Neil shared that his “lady changed from the loving, gentle, normal skin coloured lady to the little girl from the exorcist with added venom and extra 360 degree head spin.”

The response for Bodyform is a great example of how brands can step outside their comfort zone. The response is full of humor and shows a little moxy.

“We loved Richard’s wicked sense of humour. We are always grateful for input from our users, but his comment was particularly poignant. If Facebook had a “love” button, we’d have clicked it. But it doesn’t. So we’ve made Richard a video instead. Unfortunately Bodyform doesn’t have a CEO. But if it did she’d be called Caroline Williams. And she’d say this.”

The response was well executed in both style and substance, which likely didn’t come at a low cost. But it is probably safe to assume the coverage they received has made up for it.

As of today, there were over 85,000 likes on the Facebook Wall post. And with the coverage in social media channels, there were likely hundreds of thousands of free impressions for the company.

Surprise Richard. Women bleed every month, “like a crimson landslide” as the faux CEO put it. They also fart. Brilliant!