If you are a (digital) marketer focusing on social media as well as the retail category, it’s easy to admire Julie Bornstein, SVP Digital at Sephora.

It’s clear that the beauty company understands the importance of digital channels, including mobile – where the company has not just invested in a responsive website but realizes the need for an app experience.

“While you’re at a Sephora store you can use your iPhone to scan products off the shelves and read reviews. The company has also added iPads to the Beauty Center in 20 of its stores that can be used to navigate the website, as well as view the menu of services available at the center. Store associates are now equipped with iPod touch point-of-sale devices –- something that has been in testing for the past 6 months— that can be used to make purchases or reference the store’s website while on the move.”

Brian Solis sat down with Bornstein, as part of his Revolution series, and in the interview it was great to see the Sephora SVP talk about helping to steer consumers to make a more informed decision as well as listen to Generation C to better connect with them. And it all starts with a personalized experience, both in digital and offline channels.