Pinning on Facebook? No, we are not talking about the popular site Pinterest. As part of Facebook’s rollout of new brand pages at the end of March brands will now have the opportunity to pin their content to the top of the page.

According to Facebook, Pinned Posts will allow brands to anchor the most important story to the top of the Facebook Page for up to 7 days.

The feature is very similar to the promoted tweet on Twitter that can be anchored to the top of a brand’s timeline.

Pinned Posts could be a great opportunity for brands to feature their most important content and become a must-have engagement tactic.

Brands like Red Bull, seen here, have already taken advantage of the new opportunity. Here they have encouraged fans to explore their Timeline and content – which really takes advantage of their best content and creates immediate engagement.

From Red Bull, the “Red Bull Timeline Timewarp is an online scavenger hunt where clues are hidden on Red Bull’s new Facebook brand timeline. You will be given a starting clue that will lead you to other clues. After solving the final clue, you must submit the password and follow the specified instructions online.

To win, you have to be quick. The fastest 30 contestants that complete the online scavenger hunt by solving and entering the password will win some Red Bull gear.

Will you be using Pinned Posts? You should be, and it should become part of all Facebook marketing strategies to help you focus on your most important content and extend engagement on your posts. Perhaps with the changes to how tabs and applications are featured on the new Facebook Page, brands can take advantage of Pinned Posts to promote them?

It should also make brands think more long term with their content, knowing that a Pinned Post could be featured for up to seven days.

Want to learn more? Facebook has put together a guide for the new brand pages, and a complete overview of the page features. For those new to Facebook marketing you may want to review the complete guide to Facebook Pages.

If you currently are an admin of a Facebook page, you can turn on the preview for the new Pages design, click on the green button at the top of this Page. Or you can wait until all Pages automatically get upgraded on March 30, 2012.