Have you seen this clever video of a thief oddly walking backwards out of an electronics store? The commercial appears to be a viral attempt by television manufacturer LG, or at least some speculative work by an agency to potentially win over LG as a client.

The commercial starts out with a thief very slowly walking out of the television department in a electronics store. He proceeds to walk backwards out of the store to avoid the security camera catching him with “The World’s Slimmest Television” under his right arm.

As the clever thief exits the store he runs away with the slim 42″ LG television. Shortly after the thief runs out of frame you can see a store employee chasing after him. All along, there is some very subtle branding in the store window about LG having the “World’s Slimmest Television.”

This is great advertising and will get plenty of views online. The formula is very simple. Let people copy and share the video of a thief stealing a TV. But the twist is that you don’t see him carrying a TV until the last moment. This creates great talk value, and as people watch the video two or three times to find the TV under his arm they may also see the subtle branding from LG.