Social media campaigns can provide a long-term boost to brand advocacy and purchase intent according to a recent article from eMarketer and research conducted by BzzAgent.

Boston based BzzAgent, a subsidiary of UK based dunnhumby, Ltd., studied brand advocates participating in programs for several consumer products over the course of a year. After a full year, 94% of the lift in product opinion, 91% of the lift in likelihood to recommend and 88% of the lift in purchase intent was maintained.

There was a clear boost in the likelihood of brand advocates recommending a product. Pre-campaign recommendations of 39% jumped to 61% immediately after a campaign. The effect of the social media campaign did diminish with time, but 55% of brand advocates studied were still significantly more likely to recommend a product a year later.

Summer 2010 - Summer 2011

Purchase intent also saw a boost. Pre-campaign, 38% of respondents said they would purchase a brand. Post-campaigns numbers jumped more than 30 points and remained at nearly 70% for three months. A full year later, purchase intent was still as high as 61%.

Summer 2010 - Summer 2011

The three takeaways for marketers according to BzzAgent?

  • Advocacy marketing is highly effective
  • Marketing benefits are long-lasting
  • Programs can be scaled efficiently to increase business impact

More information can be found in the infographic compiled by BzzAgent. Not many studies have shown the power of social media campaigns and how they affect a brand. Have you seen other studies or case studies that support these numbers? Share your comments and case studies below.

Sources: BzzAgent, eMarketer