As a follow-up to my post about privacy concerns with the social media measurement service Klout, I have tried to reach out to the company for a more clear answer. Both e-mail and social media inquiries have been ignored at this point. The only other solution? Post a question to Klout’s support forum.

In my question posted today, I asked if Klout continues to track your networks that have been disconnected (or unlinked) and if that is affecting your score.

I ran a test in October and November to see if Klout was tracking networks I may have disconnected, or if it would affect my score. It appears both are true, although posts about privacy indicate otherwise.

After unlinking my Facebook account, in what appears to be a lapse in privacy, nearly every day when logging into Klout I would be prompted to invite users that were on Twitter, but I was surprised to see that the service was also still prompting me to invite users that were only part of my Facebook network. If I unlinked that account, why is Klout still mining this information?

“We do not penalize users who do not connect Google+ accounts.”

That is a strong statement from Klout. However, if that was true my score should not have been affected my disconnecting Google+, or Facebook for that matter, after the Klout algorithm changes in October. So why did I see such a huge drop? The only logical explanation is that Klout penalized me for not having Facebook and Google+ linked to my profile.

I am hopeful that Klout can answer some of my questions. In fact, I hope they can continue to be transparent about their measurement methods and what they are truly tracking – even if you unlink an account.