I was very excited when Amy-Mae Elliot contacted me about including one of my photos in an article she was developing for Mashable. The description was just as wonderful, “Strikingly simple elements – the lush green grass, the grey asphalt, the dark sky – combine to create a breathtaking image.”

The photo was taken in July 2010 during a two-week road trip out West. This photo was by far one of my favorites.

In July I took a two week road trip out west. This was one of my favorite photos from the trip. On day one we made it all the way from Milwaukee to the Badlands of South Dakota.

Just as we arrived in the Badlands of South Dakota the dark storm clouds dumped a bunch of rain on us. Initially disappointed, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The rain brought out a ton of color in the soil and as we were driving out of the Badlands we just happened to see this double rainbow forming.

A little over a year later, this photo was included in Amy-Mae Elliot’s curated Mashable article 15 Fantastic iPhone Photos of Rainbows.

Thank you!