After being with Progressive for a little over six months I joined the the Progressive Snapshot preview program. I initially learned about the program through BzzAgent. I was skeptical at first, what was this little device capturing data and plugged into my car? How was it going to transmit data back to Progressive? How much data was it really going to collect?

Rest assured, Progressive Snapshot is just collecting information about the distance per trip, the amount of hard brakes that were made during your trip, and what time of day you were driving. And after 30 days of collecting data, the Progressive Snapshot program will analyze the data and potentially provide you with a discount on your Progressive Car Insurance based off your driving behavior.

Throughout the duration of the program you are able to log into the Progressive website to see an update on your driving habits. Doing so certainly helped me in being aware of my driving. Specifically, I paid close attention to my hard brakes as I hardly drove during the peak hours or far distances.

During my enrollment I had three hard brakes. Unfortunately Progressive provides no mechanism to report these as inaccurate or provide additional data about the incident. As a careful driver I had one hard break that was completely legitimate. However, two instances were caused by the heavy construction on the Hoan Bridge in Milwaukee, WI and drivers looking to sneak ahead of others because of lane closures.

On two separate occasions there were cars that sped up to cut ahead of traffic before the two lanes went different directions. Even driving 40 MPH with 3-4 car lengths between you and the car in front of you doesn’t help with people quickly cutting you off. Because of their unsafe habits and driving behavior I was technically penalized.

That said, the Progressive Snapshot program was a success for me. It cut nearly $180 off my current car insurance and I am just left wondering how much more I could save if I didn’t have idiots driving in construction zones. If you believe you are a safe driver, avoid late night driving and tend to break softly then I would recommend the program as a way to save yourself some money.

Save Money on Your Car Insurance with the Progressive Snapshot