Here is a great idea that falls in the “why didn’t I think of this category.” In an effort to create awareness for foster children and families, the Wisconsin Department of Children & Families (Adoption Resources of Wisconsin) asks you to “use your profile to help foster children in need!

The idea is to “get people talking about foster care so we’re asking you to turn your profile to turn a life around.” It’s a great idea that I haven’t seen before in social media channels. We are all familiar with Twibbons, going green for the #IranElection and similar campaigns. This follows in similar footsteps and certainly will capture attention for foster children through their Facebook event and cause.

I am impressed because it is a simple and effective idea for a local Milwaukee cause. Perhaps the Facebook campaign it is something that could step up towards creating national awareness.

Created by Serve Marketing, a division of BVK, there is also an out-of-home campaign with billboards across the city of Milwaukee. It appears they will be set as a reveal which should create even more awareness for the campaign. Great idea, but the execution could be better as the website is down this morning, but that doesn’t take away from a great campaign based on flipping your Facebook profile image.

Turn a Life Around - Foster Parents Rock