Social Media Strategy and Implementation Stickybit

Social Media Strategy and Implementation Stickybits

I will be speaking to the Emerging and Social Media class at Marquette University this morning on the topic of Social Media Strategy. I am very excited to share my experience with the students as well as answer some of their questions.

I must thank Professor Gee Ekachai of the Department of Advertising & Public Relations for the invitation and I look forward to future opportunities.

I have created a Stickybit for the presentation. I was inspired by Edward Boches, we’ll see if my use of Stickybits is as successful as his was last week. You can scan the bar code now and attach comments, questions, thoughts and observations – photos and videos would be awesome too. Log onto for an account or download the iPhone / Android app so you can scan it.

If i didn’t get to your question today in class, please leave a comment here, use the Stickybits code, or you may also contact me on Twitter (@djenders).