Old Man Winter is Hotter in Wisconsin

I made my professional modeling debut this Winter as a member of the paparazzi trying to capture a photo of Old Man Winter. Here he is seen stepping out of the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts with his entourage and I am on the left side of the screen capturing the shot.

Apparently I have more style than model ability! My shirt was the bigger star as it was actually used on a fellow member of the paparazzi, Chris Metcalf.

The print ad is part of the Winter campaign for the Wisconsin Department of Tourism. Old Man Winter is indeed hotter in Wisconsin. Here in the welcoming Midwest he is able to be himself, enjoy the wonderful indoor and outdoor activities within the state, and continue to keep the weather cool until Spring.

Old Man Winter has also caught up with the times. Now leveraging Social Media, he has his own blog and Facebook page. Maybe in time his St. Bernard, Colby, will as well!